OCS acronyms

These are some of the commonly used acronyms in Agresso, in the ILRI-tailored modules and around the OCS development and project launch / process...
  • CDD: Common Design Document (the guides explaining in details how the specific OCS modules work and are supposed to be used)
  • EUT: End user training - once the UAT has taken place and the system is technically ready to be rolled out
  • IST: Integrated System Testing (once all modules have been developed, this phase will test the system working as one whole)
  • KBU: Key Business Users (people in charge of specific modules from an ILRI perspective)
  • OCS: One Corporate System (the system and process beyond - with Agresso as the software platform powering the system)
  • PCB: Project Costing and Billing (one of the key modules on OCS
  • PO: Purchase order
  • TA: Travel authorization
  • TER: Travel expense report
  • UAT: User Acceptance Testing (last trench of testing before the system is deemed fit for roll-out and set for training all end users.