In the ILRI-focused version of OCS, here are the different work streams or 'modules' and sub-modules available. In most cases, these sub-modules constitute the basis for training and other capacity development activities that will be planned and implemented over the next few months.

Personnel and Organizational Development

Key items:
  • Personnel Registration
  • Position Administration
  • Payroll (P&D and Value References)

The single complete HR control and information centre keeps personnel data organized and under control. Key to this is the document archive, which provides a centralized record of all employee information. Personnel are captured once in the HR Module and are available in all the other business areas of procurement, finance, travel, allocation of costs and budgeting and project planning. Staff details would include; names, staff number, Position, Nationality, Dependent’s, AIARC Number, Passport Number, Van Breda Number etc.

Agresso HR also allows electronic documents (such as scanned certificates from third-party training courses) to be attached to employee records, so that all critical employee information is brought together in one central repository. In addition there’s position administration, request for vacancy and approvals, absence management, HR Processes of contract management, applicant tracking, Request for Personnel etc.

Research Management

Key items:
  • Project overview
  • Concept Note/Proposal development and agreement

The module has the functionality to provide support in recording and tracking development of project from idea to concept notes to proposals to project and to agreements/contracts. This will involve tracking calls for proposals (internal or external), assigning probabilities to concept notes/ proposals for budget forecasts, will give status, submission dates, external/ internal due dates, agreements reports, capture Co funding of agreement, and all other associated technical and Financial contractual requirements. To record milestones, outputs, requirements, and project deliverables and monitor the implementation/deliverables of all agreements (CRPs, W3 and bilateral grants).
Through inbuilt reports, alerts, and workflows, processes will be approved through the systems, alerts for due reports, submission due dates, late reports analysis, delayed approvals will be submitted to the respective users. Audit trail functionality is also available to monitor what’s happening in the system.

Read the PM office training manual on research management

Finance & Accounting

Key items:
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Fixed Assets
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Month end and Year end procedures

Financial management - The system allows you to capture, monitor and manipulate vast amounts of critical financial data. With several ledgers, it incorporates key workflow elements that help reduce the time taken to perform everyday tasks such as data entry, reporting and transaction management.

Production of real time reports to show the Financial Status - Budget, Commitments, accruals and expenses, cash flow, balance sheet, income and expenditure reports, financial forecasts, and ageing reports.

Read the general guide 'General ledger registration and posting'
Read the general guide 'Incoming invoices registration and posting'
Read the general guide 'Invoice registration - Document load'


Key items:
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory

Procurement - With the self-service requisitioning, and automated workflows for approvals, the system helps streamline the purchasing operation and improve accuracy by drastically reducing transaction processing costs, offering real time procurement tracking. Budget control functionality will also help in ensuring that procurement is only done if there are available funds. The System also supports business Process of travel in the system. This means travel requisition, approval and subsequent costs are captured real time in the system.

Project Costing & Billing

Key items:
  • Timesheets
  • Allocation of Costs
  • Overhead computation process
  • Temporary Income Recognition
  • Billing

Agresso Project Costing and Billing uses automation tools to streamline administrative tasks, while providing managers with in-depth information for maximum reflectiveness and control of people, processes and costs across the organization. From project definition and cost capture to invoicing and performance monitoring, it offers the flexibility to address practically any project scenario – fortified by the full power of other modules (including Workflow, General Ledger, Purchasing, Fixed Assets, HR and Payroll).
The System has inbuilt functionality that meets Full cost recovery requirements. This will include timesheets and timesheet management; - The system is able to capture time spent against activities/donor agreements. The system interfaces with other modules to bring in personnel, and pooled costs which are allocated using timesheets to arrive at total cost of a project. Additionally, the system is able to support Internal trading that is business Processes between Units/Departments within ILRI. This ensures that Project/ activity costs relating to internal trading are captured on real time.


Key items:
  • Budgeting

The system allows the definition of various budgets in the system. This includes the Concept Note, Proposal & Agreement Multi Year Budget, the annual Approved Budget, and carry over budget and so on. The system allows for Budget analysis, budget Forecasting and comparing the budget to actual expenditure.

Commitment Accounting

Key items:
  • Commitment Accounting
  • Funds Checking

Reporting and analytics

This functionality fulfils the most demanding management reporting and regulatory-driven requirements. In addition, Agresso handles standard reporting requirements such as monthly income, expenses or ageing reports. The system adapts to the ever-changing reporting and analytics needs of the organization. Information can be combined from anywhere within Agresso, including Financial Management, Procurement Management, Human Resources and Payroll, Project Costing and Billing, as well as from external systems. Users can set up report templates for quick and regular use.