Who are the people behind OCS?
Here is an overview of all the key people, namely:
  • The OCS (technical) project management team
  • The OCS Steering Committee members
  • The OCS key business users, looking into specific modules for testing and advanced training
  • You (all of us)
  • The external consultants helping us set OCS up

The OCS (technical) project management team

OCS Project manager

Isaac Kariuki Kihara

Remember this colleague: Isaac Kihara.
He is the (primary) human face of OCS. A business system coordinator brought into ILRI in the middle of 2013, Isaac Kihara is the person that has been working on OCS all his time and almost all on his own for many months, and to date the most knowledgeable ILRI staff member about OCS. His office (the former GAIN office at the Nairobi campus) is open for anyone all the time, although we invite you to channel your questions to our Frequently Asked Questions page first and foremost, secondly to AskILRIOCS@cgiar.org and ultimately to Isaac.

ICT business data manager

Joseph Kimani has over 7 years proven experience in the ICT industry. He joined ILRI as an ICT business data manager in June 2014. He has a vast experience in the fields of Information systems and Finance, technical experience in ERP Systems implementation and integration, database management, communication and network infrastructure and has served in many Educational Institutions and
Joseph Kimani

health industries in different capacities. Joseph's major tasks in the OCS project involves:
  • Assist in implementing the Agresso Business World (ABW) system for ILRI as part of the One Corporate System project (OCS);
  • Work with the process experts to guide them on how to capture and map data and ensure all regional , country and project offices manage their data to the agreed standards
  • Ensuring that the data collected is clean and matches the agreed standards and coding. Maps the data in the data load templates and correct issues encountered during data importation;
  • use data load templates and web services to load batches of data into the system
  • Analyze data flow maps, identify missing data and analyze the correctness and quality of data
  • Analyze logs and error alerts to determine if incorrect data is the cause of incomplete processes and assist the users to correct the data being used in the system
  • Write scripts (SQL,XML,web services) to for data integration and reporting
  • Provide and generate ad-hoc reports as per user requests
  • Manage and administer the Agresso Business World (OCS) system
  • Manage ad administer the MS SQL databases that are used by the business systems

Business system specialist

Bruck Tassew
Bruck Tassew Joined ILRI as a business systems specialist in May 2014. He has great experience in working with SUN, AGRESSO and other ERP systems implementation and administration, database management, network infrastructure, system development, disaster prevention and recovery plan.
His main roles in the implementation of the OCS project involves:
  • Assess the business process of ILRI and assist in the implementation if AGRESSO Business world(ABW) for ILRI as part of the One Corporate System (OCS) project
  • Ensuring of the agreed functional requirements are implemented in AGRESSO that has been given by the key business users(KBU's) and process experts
  • Reports design and implementation of any required reports from the key business users
  • Workflow design and implementation for approvals and other ILRI business process
  • Data collection and migration from old systems into AGRESSO
  • Advise and give technical guidance on new approaches and solutions
  • Serve as a key contact for OCS related activities and other issues in business applications for Addis office in coordinating with the team.
  • Manage and administer SUN system and other business applications
  • Analyze logs and error alerts on ILRI business applications to determine the issue and assist the users with the resolution

The OCS Steering Committee members

In the course of June-July 2014, an OCS Steering Committee was established to assist the planning, roll-out and effective ongoing implementation of OCS, and critically to assist Isaac Kihara in taking appropriate decisions for the Institute in relation with OCS.

Read the Terms of Reference of the ILRI OCS Steering Committee.

The members of the OCS Steering Committee are:
  • Chair: DDG - Integrated Sciences (Iain Wright) Iain Wright is the deputy director general - Integrated Sciences, Animal Science for Sustainable Productivity. Previously he was program leader for Animal Science for Sustainable Productivity and the ILRI director generals' representative in Ethiopia. Within ILRI, he was previously Director of the People Livestock and the Environment (PLE) research team, and, from 2006 to 2011 he was ILRI's Regional Representative for Asia.

  • Misja Brandenburg is ILRI's Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As ILRI’s new CFO, he will not only be responsible for the oversight of ILRI’s financial affairs, but will play a leading role in the implementation of ILRI’s new One Corporate System (OCS).

  • Shirley Tarawali is the Assistant Director General (Institutional Planning and Partnerships) and secretary to the ILRI Board of Trustees. Prior to to this, she was Director of ILRI's People, Livestock and the Environment research team with responsibilities spanning sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, and including scientific coordination and leadership, as well as institutional management,decision making and representation.

  • Martin van Weerdenburg is ILRI's Chief Operating Officer . He has over 30 years of experience in financial management in both public and private sectors. He is versed in implementing business reorganizations, financial reforms, systems and targeted project fundraising.

  • Siboniso Moyo is the program leader for Animal Science for Sustainable Productivity and ILRI Director Generals' representative in Ethiopia. From 2006-2014, she was ILRI's Regional Representative in Southern Africa with responsibilities to coordinate ILRI's activities in the region.

  • Misja Bradenburg, joined ILRI as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) from March 1, 2015. He holds degrees in Business Administration and Organization & Control (MsC) and has more than 20 years’ experience as an international Finance Manager in Asia, Latin America and West Africa, most recently at SNV, one of our important development partners, where he was a Corporate Finance Manager for their global operations. In that capacity he redesigned and implemented SNV’s new corporate administration and reporting systems. As ILRI’s CFO, he is not only be responsible for the oversight of ILRI’s financial affairs, but will play a leading role in the implementation of ILRI’s new One Corporate System (OCS).

  • Gail Amare, head of Administration-Addia . Gail previously worked as the Director of Country Operations, Ethiopia for Management Sciences for Health in Addis Ababa and as an Assistant Vice President for Axiom Resource Management in the Washington, D.C. area.

  • Patricia Chale is the Director, People and Organizational Development at ILRI. She has over 25 years’ experience in human resources management and organizational development acquired in the private, not for profit and public sectors (including working with central government and government bodies) across Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East. She has successfully led a number of large scale transformation programs ensuring organizations are fit for purpose in discharging their mandates and meeting their objectives.

  • Apollinaire Djikeng,BecA -ILRI hub Director .Apollinaire first came to ILRI, Nairobi as a PhD student in 1995 and more recently serving as the BecA-ILRI Hub’s technology manager and interim director, Appolinaire began his new appointment on 12 June, 2013.After spending close to 11 years working in prestigious institutions in the US such as the Yale University School of Medicine and the J Craig Venter Institute, Appolinaire was keen to return to Africa. His dream was to see Africa participate in the global scientific community at the same level as other communities, and he desired to make his contribution through building the capacity of African scientists to use tools of modern biology.

  • Paul O'Nolan, head of ICT. Paul is a joint appointee working half time with ILRI and half time with the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). Paul is responsible for providing leadership in the information technology efforts of the Centres in close collaboration with the Site Information Technology Managers and users at all sites. He provides overall advice, guidance, supervision and unit coordination on Information Technology-related issues in addition to liaising with service providers, vendors and partners

  • Peter Ballantyne, head of Communications and knowledge management. Peter is particularly interested in more effective collaboration among development organizations, public access to agricultural knowledge and information, and how information and knowledge can be mobilized, shared and communicated to address organizational and development challenges.

  • Steve Staal, was appointed Regional Representative for East and Southeast Asia in February 2013. He was formerly director of ILRI’s Market Opportunities research theme, based in Nairobi. He has 19 years of experience in agricultural research and extension in Africa and Asia. Since joining ILRI in 1996 as an agricultural economist, he has conducted research on smallholder competitiveness, transaction costs and policies in indigenous dairy markets and the spatial evolution and intensification of smallholder crop-livestock production systems.

  • Robert Nzioka, budget and finance manager at ILRI. RobertRobert joined ILRI as the Budget and Grants Manager on 16 November 2009. Prior to joining ILRI he had worked for Merlin in Liberia as the Finance and Administration Manager, International Rescue Committee as the Finance Controller in the Central African Republic and Merlin-East Africa as the Regional Finance Manager.

Other members
  • Anita Mutua - People and Organizational Development Officer
  • Business Development manager (To be recruited)
  • Secretaries: Project Manager (Isaac Kihara) / ILRI Comms OCS coordinator (Ewen Le Borgne / or back up: Angeline Nekesa )

The OCS key business users and process owners

Key business users are the primary testers of OCS to gather early feedback about specific Agresso modules.
Process owners are keeping the overview over specific modules.

The following people have been proposed as key business users and process owners.

Module / Name
Addis Ababa

Process owner: Robert Nziokoa
  • Symon Chebor
  • Jane Karanja
  • Zipporah Kakungu
  • Anthony Wamai
  • Benyam Befirdu
  • Biruk Lemma
  • Bekelu Shiferaw
  • Behailu Gebeyehu

Process owner: Timothy Nyanamba
  • Kirika John
  • Timothy Nyanamba
  • Habtamu Fekadu (Supply chain manager)
  • Mekuria Lemma (Procurement officer)
  • Kebede Assefa (Stores supervisor)

Process owner: Wubalem Dejene
  • Assenath Kabugi (PMO)
  • Simon Turere (PMO)
  • Wubalem Dejene (PMO)
  • Ermias Mekonnen
  • Muluhiwot Getachew
  • Jane Wachira
  • Ruth Nyaga
  • Loyce Mbwaya
  • Jennifer Kinyanjui
  • Muthoni Gikaria
  • Rose Makau
  • Aster Tsige
  • Belachew Zeyede
Business development
  • Lucy Gacheru

Budget and grants
  • John Ngure
  • Anne Kibe
  • Stella Ikileng
  • Pauline Gikemi
  • Sherald Oteyo

You (all of us)

Last, but certainly not least, is all of you, all of us.

Rolling out OCS, as rolling out any new system, requires some flexibility and openness, because we know there will be some mistakes, some issues, some unexpected problems, some delays, though also some unexpected benefits possibly. We need everyone to engage with OCS in an open way and help us improve it to make it work for all of us, so that further down the line it becomes a definite improvement on the current situation.

Help us help you!

The external consultants helping us set OCS up: GCON4

The decision was taken, at the junction between 2014 and 2015, to hire GCON4 as the consultant to help us shape up and set up the Agresso modules, starting in March 2015. A first presentation was given to the steering committee members on Friday 6 February. See this presentation.
The GCON4 consultants will be helping ILRI from March to the expected roll-out date in August 2015.