Time Writing.PNGTime registration

Time spent on various activities will be registered each week for full donor compliance, maximizing our income and useful management information. This module will be accessed via a simple web page that is fast and user friendly (2-3 minutes per week). You can monitor your (or staff’s) planned vs actual time. It automatically divides and books staff costs to the various projects and provides several overviews to monitor and analyze time.

This module is essential for ILRI's early roll out of OCS so we have set up a specific 'issue log' for all errors entered - to check the status of fixing these errors.

See the timesheet issue log

Read the training module on time registration

Additional questions that will need to be addressed (based on Nairobi open day)
1. Participants wanted to know the difference between charge and no charge time? A. Explained during the presentation

2. Can the site be accessed on mobile platforms? A: Yes, as long as one has an Internet connection

3. How will timesheet help in management of overtime? A. They will assist supervisors in knowing the specific overtime as detailed by staff

4. Does the module cater for periods when somebody is working from home?

5. Does it cater for Administration tasks? A. Currently these, are not clearly quantified

6. How will time spent working on new funding proposals, which don’t yet have a charge code be indicated? A. This is under discussion, one of the most received questions from researchers.

7. How do I report on time spent in meetings/workshops? A. Indicate under general time.