In order for OCS to work out for us, we need to feel confident in using it.

This is why a number of capacity development activities are planned over the next few months. Training of course, but also some other activities that will actively involve you in order to test the systems and help make it work for all of us. Testing is essential for OCS to work so a lot of 'learning by doing' will happen in dedicated testing sessions.

Among planned capacity development in the coming months we are particularly expecting:
  • Simulations - Dedicated testing sessions to review how certain OCS modules work. These will involve specific staff members.
  • Training sessions - A lot of training has already taken place for 'key business users' which have been testing modules until now. Shortly before the effective roll-out, most staff based in Nairobi and Addis Ababa will be trained on the modules that concern them. More information will follow on this at a later stage.
  • Information sessions - at regular intervals we will try and inform all staff about progress with OCS and opportunities for more capacity development. This is work in progress.

You can see the implementation calendar (or OCS timeline) for an overview of these activities and more (though please mind that the timeline is very dynamic and susceptible to change a lot and frequently).