Project Costing and Billing

Key items:
  • Timesheets
  • Allocation of Costs
  • Overhead computation process
  • Temporary Income Recognition
  • Billing

Agresso Project Costing and Billing uses automation tools to streamline administrative tasks, while providing managers with in-depth information for maximum reflectiveness and control of people, processes and costs across the organization. From project definition and cost capture to invoicing and performance monitoring, it offers the flexibility to address practically any project scenario – fortified by the full power of other modules (including Workflow, General Ledger, Purchasing, Fixed Assets, HR and Payroll).
The System has inbuilt functionality that meets Full cost recovery requirements. This will include timesheets and timesheet management; - The system is able to capture time spent against activities/donor agreements. The system interfaces with other modules to bring in personnel, and pooled costs which are allocated using timesheets to arrive at total cost of a project. Additionally, the system is able to support Internal trading that is business Processes between Units/Departments within ILRI. This ensures that Project/ activity costs relating to internal trading are captured on real time.

Common Design Document: